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China recruitment Agency

The Dominant factory, F/ B recruitment agency in China 

Who we are
Originated from a state-owned international recruitment agency in China, we have some branches in major industrial provinces. Since 1994, we have played dominant role in construction recruitment to Israel, TIG / MIG welder and construction tradesmen to Australia, Chinese chefs to Euro and Australia, and electronic-industry recruitment to Singapore, etc. 

What we do
Construction and building recruitment:
During the period while Australia opened gate for Chinese 457-visa applicants, we conquered the market and distributed our orders to many provinces and made our branches the major supplier in the area. Up to today, most of the Chinese contraction tradesmen in Darwin, Queensland, SA were from us. 
In Israel, Ireland, New Zealand, our construction workers still make our presence in local market as well.

2. Chinese chefs and Asian chef recruitment:
We have supplied more than 350 chefs including Japanese chefs, Asian chefs, as well as Chinese chefs for 48 countries. Single market like Australia, there is more than 90 chefs from us. In UK, Ireland, Iceland, Cyprus and Turkey, quite number of foreign Chinese chefs were from us. 

3. Electronic, factory workers recruitment
In the peak years, most of Singapore local PCB factories, foreign investment HDD, and electronic device factories were our direct clients. More than 1100 skilled workers have been supplied. Need factory workers from China, please
contact us.

As the economic environment changes, factory workers recruitment once again becomes possible from China. 

The extensive and greatest candidate sourcing network and experienced recruitment specialist have makes us one of the dominant China international recruitment agencies in the market for many years.
For more details, please
contact us.


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